Welcome To Endeavor Performance

Specialized Services for Cycling Performance and Comfort

Effective Training Sessions

Endeavor Performance offers indoor and outdoor training sessions year-round, with a variety of series that group together sessions that target specific cycling abilities and skills.

Tailored Coaching Packages

Whether you’re aiming for a new personal best in an upcoming event or you want to improve your cycling strength, speed and fitness overall, Todd Nordmeyer’s personal coaching provides training plans and one-on-one guidance individually tailored to your goals.

Bike Fitting Expertise

No matter what you ride or how you ride, the right fit is essential. Along with one-on-one expertise, an Endeavor Performance bike fit leverages video and motion capturing, including the Retül 3D biomechanical analysis system, to ensure your ideal position on the bike.

Eventful Camps and Clinics

Whether you’re new to the sport, a longtime enthusiast, a triathlete, or a competitive cyclist, Endeavor Performance camps and clinics will improve your performance on the bike—and you’ll have fun while doing so.