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Group Training

Whether you’re aiming for a new personal best in an upcoming event or you want to improve your cycling strength, speed and fitness overall, Todd Nordmeyer’s personal coaching provides training plans and one-on-one guidance individually tailored to your goals.

“I’m truly passionate about coaching,” says Todd. “Every athlete I coach is different, with different goals and capabilities. I help you understand your strengths—and your weaknesses—and work with you to devise a program that will fulfill your aspirations on the bike.”

Todd improved my cadence, taking it from a slow, power-only spin, to a faster, yet comfortable spin, all the while increasing my power (watts—what a fun thing to get to see!). He helped build my endurance, pushing me to practical breaking points, but always kept it fun. As a coach, Todd builds a relationship, and wants to see success. He doesnʼt simply create a workout and bark orders. As an athlete, it becomes that much more rewarding to see the results.
Shelby HartmanNashville TN