Bronze Coaching Package

The Bronze Coaching Package is for an athlete who wants to work with Todd Nordmeyer to work one-on-one to devise, review and evaluate goals and training objectives for up to 12 weeks at a time. The plan gives an athlete a custom tailored three-month plan with no oversight or feedback during the three-month period



 Training Plan Oversight
  • Custom tailored 3-month training plan based on heart rate or power
  • Strength training guidance during preparation/base season
Athlete/Coach Interaction
  • Quarterly athlete-initiated phone call
Cycling Performance Center Benefits
  • BestFit Bike Fit – $125.00
  • Training Sessions – $100/month unlimited
Start-up Fees
  • $75.00 initial consultation/setup fee
  • Athlete can elect to pay 100% monthly subscription to TrainingPeaks software

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