What Endeavor Offers

The indoor performance training at Endeavor Performance uses sophisticated magnetic bike trainers that an athlete actually connects his/her bicycle to. The trainers, often called smart trainers, leverage the power of a computer’s ability to adjust the trainers’ resistance through the workouts.There are significant differences between Endeavor Performance training sessions and other cycling classes. The overriding objective of any Endeavor Performance session is to enhance an athlete’s outdoor cycling. We accomplish this by creating training sessions that strengthen the physiological systems that will be primarily relied upon during your outdoor cycling.

Three differences between the Endeavor Performance training sessions and other indoor cycling options:
1.You ride your bike. We Believe in order to obtain the cycling-specific training needed, as a triathlete and cyclist, you must train on your own bike.
2.Endeavor Performancetraining sessions focus on muscular and aerobic endurance. Physiologically, cycling is a primarily a combination of muscular strength and aerobic conditioning. Depending on the type of riding you do, 80 to 90% of your training/riding/racing will be primarily aerobic. Most spinning and the new indoor cycling classes are structured to be much more of an anaerobic workout. Though, training the anaerobic spectrum isn’t a bad thing, those classes just aren’t as effective in terms of improving your outdoor cycling.
3.The coach engages and instructs the athletes by way of walking around the room. Out athletes are motivated therefore we feel keeping ourselves out of the athlete’s view allows the athlete to focus on the work.

Restorative yoga is a practice that is entirely about slowing down and opening one’s body through passive stretching. With the focus to provide an effective means to aid in recovery, we believe the practice of Restorative Yoga is complementary to our training.

The significant difference between other yoga studio offerings and Endeavor Performance offerings is that the focus is for endurance athletes. Our sessions are also led by an endurance athlete. Having a teacher who personally experiences the aches, pains and fatigue from endurance training gives the athlete a sense of confidence that the time they give to Yoga is important to their training

At Endeavor Performance we define a fantastic bike fit to be an experience that will place the bike in a position that will offer you the most comfort and best performance it can offer. We believe a fantastic bike fit can be obtained by using the latest technology, our knowledge of physiology and biomechanics as it pertains to the bike, our professional and experienced intuition, and asking for your input. We make the fit process to be very intricate and detailed and we believe it matters

Though we can say it’s the tools and technology to make EndeavorPerformance different from other fitstudios or bicycle shops, the difference really comes down to our desire to offer the best and most beneficial experience you can find. Tools are commodities; items that any fitter can purchase. Ourattitude and desire make EndeavorPerformance different. We believe that taking the fitting experience to a deep and intricate level does make a difference to the athlete. Technology helps us meet this belief.

We have over 40 years of experience with bicycles and the components that make up a bicycle. Wefully understand the pros and cons to upgrade components. With the desire and input from our athletes,we offer our recommendation on when and why to upgrade any component. Typically the topic of component upgrading occurs during our bicycle fit service. Changes to components are usually made or suggested to obtain a better fit due to size or shape of the component.

Endeavor Performance offers cycling and running performance testing to help athletes measure their fitness. Performance testing allows our athletes to compare results from previous outcomes to help determine the effectiveness of the athlete’s training regime. Our studio gives athletes a place to accurately test themselves since all outside factors are controlled at our studio. A typical performance test will be a 20-minute cycling or running effort on one of our trainers or treadmills.

We offer a variety of products for an endurance athlete. This includes new bicycle components, nutrition products, recovery devices, clothing, yoga gear, and other accessories.

For the Nashville area, Endeavor Performance offers the first running studio. The training method for our running sessions is very similar to our cycling training. The athlete is engaged by Perfpro Studio software displayed on several large wall displays. The run training workouts are tailored to the pure runner as well as the triathlete wanting to improve their run split.

Running indoors can greatly benefit run performance and boost long-term improvement. One of the major benefits of training on a treadmill is that it’s low impact compared to tarmac or concrete. Running uphill on a treadmill also significantly reduces the impact forces on the foot copmared to downhill running. Finally, treadmills allow a coach to accurately test fitness by comparing heart rate at a given speed. And with our running room next to our cycling room, an athlete can even do multiple brick sessions.

Personal coaching is the foundation of Endeavor Performance. In each service, we use our coaching philosophy to steer us in the best direction that best serves you.

• Our Coaching Philosophy

• You are a unique, special individual and this warrants a personalized experience.

• We strive to assist you in your continued progress and not seek perfection.

• We coach our pillars of sport: physiological, psychological, tactical, technical and nutritional pillars.

• We believe progress will be made through belief and attitude.

• We will be relentless in the quest for knowledge.

• We believe that the quality of training is not defined by the quantity of training

At Endeavor Performance, we offer an objective and unbiased opinion on what brand(s) and corresponding size will fit the athlete best. Not allbikes fit the same and sizing specs are brand specific. The most significant difference this service offers than that of a bicycle shop, is that we can be bicycle brand independent. Because Endeavor Performance Does Not carry any particular brand of bicycles, we will offer an objective opinion on what will be best for the athlete.

For our athletes who attend our cycling sessions or have their bicycle fitted, we offer maintenance and bicycle repair work.

The Endeavor Performance triathlon and cycling training camps allow the athlete to sharpen their knowledge about proper nutrition, training techniques, and race strategies. The camps will also provide an opportunity to bond with a small group of people who are all asked to challenge themselves.