Bicycle Fit Services

a comfortable, powerful and efficient bike fit is achievable

It would be easy to say that the fit tools we use make Endeavor Performance different.  While we pride ourselves on leveraging the latest technology, it really comes down to our desire to offer the best and most beneficial experience you can find.  Tools are commodities; items that any fitter can purchase.  Our attitude and desire make Endeavor Performance different.  We believe that taking the fitting experience to a deep and intricate level does make a difference to the athlete.  Technology helps us meet this belief.


No matter what you ride or how you ride, the right bike fit is essential. The best bike fit is a blend of both art and science. We bring 18 years of bike fit know-how and cycling experience and bike fit to Endeavor Performanceʼs fitting services.

Every bike fit is highly individual, and there is no “formula” for the perfect fit. Whether you are new to riding and experiencing a few aches and pains, or you are an experienced rider who wants to make sure your bike fit is dialed in, we guarantee you will receive service that is professional, detailed and provides results.


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At Endeavor Performance, we offer an objective and unbiased opinion on what brand(s) and corresponding size will fit you best.  We conduct an initial assessment to determine your physical makeup and help you put words to the type of riding you wish to do. 

Leveraging our Retül Müve SL fit bike and our understanding of the geometric variables that affect a bike’s “feel”, we will provide you with information to determine the brand(s) and corresponding size(s) that fits you best.



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Every cyclist deals with saddle pressure whether manageable or not. We believe no one brand produces a properly fitting saddle for everyone. We also believe there is a saddle for everyone. We stock saddles that our clients have had success with.

The primary objective of our saddle selection service is to find you a saddle that allows you to posture yourself in such a way to give a comfortable, powerful and efficient fit. If that saddle isn’t a saddle we stock, we will recommend local bicycle dealers to purchase that saddle. 


We at Endeavor Performance firmly believe your cycling comfort and performance is directly determined by the status and coordination of your proprioception system. Proprioception is defined as “sensing the motion and position of the body.” Cycling shoes that are properly sized and fitted offer you an extremely strong sense of power.

We use a cycling specific product that creates a custom footbed within 40 minutes. These inserts support and balance all three of your foot’s natural arches providing a more stabilized pedal stroke that is aligned for power, comfort and efficiency.


At Endeavor Performance, we believe spending a small amount of time and energy on your pedaling technique is a worthy exercise. While we believe the stronger/faster cyclists do simply push harder on the pedals, gains can be made in increasing your pedaling economy.

Our pedaling analysis will provide you a clearer idea of what movement you may need to perfect, solutions to perfect your movement and offer you a sensible opinion on how much time/energy to dedicate to perfecting it.