Beginners Welcome!

Entering the world of endurance sports can be intimidating- we’re here to help

There are plenty of great reasons to get into endurance sports. Maybe you loved biking in your youth or ran cross country in college. Maybe you just need a new goal- one even more exciting than the last. Whatever the motivation, cycling, running, and triathlon are all exciting sports to get involved in! What’s even better is that you can participate whether you’re a couch potato getting in shape for the first time or you’re already an aerobic animal already shooting for a podium spot.

Endeavor Performance has many ways we can assist someone new to the sport. We offer:

  • An environment that gives you an opportunity to meet other friendly athletes, experienced and new.

  • We have a community of avid exercisers for you to meet and join. It’s just up to you to decide when to set your alarm…

  • An objective opinion on how to get started with a new bike purchase.

  • The world of bicycles is complex, there’s a lot of options and a lot of lingo out there. By learning about your personal needs and training goals, we can break things down to help you make the best decision.

  • A training plan to prepare for your first event or race and knowledge to help you structure your training.

  • Every athlete is on their own unique training journey, especially a beginner who is figuring out where their limits and goals lie when they’re first getting started. We’re here to help you figure out what training should look like every step of the way.

  • Testing to measure your base fitness level.

  • Know where you want to be with your fitness? We can help figure out specifically where you’re at now, find a plan to get you to the next level, and accurately test where you’re at on your journey to reaching your goals.

  • A better understanding of what it means to recover and when to push or hold back.