I began taking Todd’s classes in July in preparation for IronMan Wisconsin. With only two months of classes, I was able to cut over 30 minutes off my previous bike time. As hard as they were, his classes really benefited me! Already signed up to start back for next year.

Kelly McCreight

Nashville TN

I have been participating in the Endeavor Performance indoor training sessions for almost two years, and they have had a dramatic impact on my strength and endurance. I never miss a class. Todd has also made a huge difference by fine tuning my fitting. He has an attention to detail that makes a difference.

Rolf Zettersen

Nashville TN

I have had the pleasure and pain of participating in Coach Nordmeyerʼs cycle classes for the past two years. The class provides an individualized progressive training regime, efficient use of time, translating to maximal results. Why do Toddʼs clients come back? Results, baby! Why should you take his class? Results, baby!

Michael Marlow

Nashville TN

I started cycling in 2007 and have been working on getting stronger on the bike ever since. From day one, I’ve especially struggled on hills—both small and large, gradual and steep. Since taking Todd’s class, hills don’t pose the same threat they used to! In fact, I often pass a large number of other riders on hills now! I plan on continuing with Todd’s class and am sure that my riding will continue to improve over the next year. Thanks, Todd!

Jim Day

Franklin TN