Gold Coaching Package

The Gold Coaching Package is for an athlete who wants to work with Todd Nordmeyer and have access to input and feedback from him on a bi-weekly basis. Todd will guide the athlete through his/her program as the athlete learns what is expected of them, how to implement the workouts, and how to interpret the way their body responds to the training. Training, power and heart rate logs are reviewed bi-weekly.

$175/month. Additional one month free if 11 months are paid for up front – ($1925.00/year with up front payment)


Training Plan Oversight
  • Free goal setting assistance with unlimited reviews
  • Custom tailored season-long training plan based on heart rate or power
  • Bi-weekly training plan, complete with detailed daily workouts
  • Strength training guidance during preparation/base season
Athlete/Coach Interaction
  • Bi-weekly coach-initiated phone call
  • Bi-weekly feedback from coach via email
  • Bi-weekly review of power or heart rate data
Cycling Performance Center Benefits
  • BestFit Bike Fit – $75.00
  • Training Sessions – $75/month unlimited
Start-up Fees
  • $75.00 initial consultation/setup fee
  • 50/50 split of yearly subscription to Training Peaks software ($60/year)

Interested In This Coaching Plan?

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