Frequently Asked Questions – Bike Fitting

Q: What types of bikes do you fit?

We have extensive experience to fit all variety of road and off-road bikes to athletes.  We also have experience fitting tandems.  Whether your passion is touring, recreation riding, competing in triathlons, criteriums, road racing, time trials, cyclocross, track or mountain biking we can fit your bike.  Guaranteed.

Q: My bike shop will fit my bike, why should I come to Endeavor?

It is true that many bike shops offer some level of fit service, but this isn’t the primary function of a bike shop. Bike shops have to manage their bike and accessory sales, their repair service and their clothing sales. It is a classic “jack of all trades” situation in the truest sense. In most bike shops the owner is the same person who will fit you. This isn’t to say that bike shops don’t care or don’t try; they just don’t have the time to immerse themselves in a fitting process that is designed to give you the best position possible.

Q: What makes Endeavor different from other fit studios?

It would be easy to say that the fit tools we use make Endeavor Performance different.  While we pride ourselves on leveraging the latest technology, it really comes down to our desire to offer the best and most beneficial experience you can find.  Tools are commodities; items that any fitter can purchase.  Our attitude and desire make Endeavor Performance different.  We believe that taking the fitting experience to a deep and intricate level does make a difference to the athlete.  Technology helps us meet this belief.

Q: What does it mean to be a Retül Master Fitter?

As a Retül Master Fitter, we have proved to the faculty of Retül that our level of fit knowledge and competency of their product meets their mastery level. Though we take pride in the certification level, our aim to provide the most extensive fit service available has more to do with our desire to continue to learn and continue to be “thirsty” for fit knowledge. Coupled with our experience, we feel our service continues to be the best available.

Q: What can you offer to a competitive cyclist or triathlete?

We have found competitive athletes fall into two categories – macro adapters or micro adjusters.  Both categories fall back on their natural ability and often draw conclusions about their position based on the quality of their results. We have taken elite and recreational competitive cyclists’ positions and transformed them to be more efficient, more powerful, comfortable and recover faster.  The real proof is the feedback and reactions we get from these athletes afterwards.

Q: What is the point of getting such a detailed fitting if I don't race my bike?

Cycling is much more than racing a bike.  Cycling is about enjoying everything the sport has to offer.  Whether you compete or not, at Endeavor Performance we believe you shouldn’t comprise comfort nor strength while on you bike.  Your bike should feel like an natural and neutral extension of your body.

Q: What are contact points of the bike?

Contact points of the bike are the connection between you and the bike.  The principal contact points include the saddle, shoe and pedal/cleat interface and handlebar/stem pairing.

At Endeavor Performance we are mindful of the importance of the contact points with an understanding they can make all the difference.  We carry a wide selection of saddles, handlebars, stems and pedals.  We are very picky about the products we carry to make sure that they deliver the absolute best results to you. We aren’t brand driven and we are always looking for the best products to improve connection between you and the bike.

Q: Should I purchase new shoes prior to the fit?

A professional fit will always address the principal contact points of the rider and the bike and this incorporates the saddle, shoe and pedal/cleat and handlebar/stem pairing. If you are seriously considering the purchase of shoes, and they do form one of the more important elements of a successful fit, then it is best to wait until the fit at least to find out what will be necessary for the foot to be optimized with regard arch support and correct sizing. The sizing of the foot and it’s assessment is a crucial starting point in any professional bike fit and it is something that 3D Bike fit tends to offer very specialized knowledge.

Q: When should I arrive for my appointment?

Always try to show up 10 minutes before your appointment. If you show up earlier you’ll be waiting for us and if you show up late we run the risk of running into someone else’s appointment time.

Q: Can I transfer fit measurements of one bike to another bike?

The key is that the second bike’s saddle, handlebar profile and crank arm length must be the same, otherwise the setup will most likely be off.  The fit will not be guaranteed possibly leading to an undesirable result. If the components do match up, the fee is $50 to match the setup to the second bike.  Our recommendation is to perform a separate fitting for the second bike.  We offer a two-bike discount with the fee of $100 for the second bike.

Q: What should I do if my fitting from you doesn't feel right?

As much as we try to provide the best fit available, there are lots of variables in your riding that occur outside of our controlled environment that we can’t always adjust for, and as human beings we go through changes in weight, flexibility, strength, and fitness. If you have an issue with your comfort or position please reach out to us within 30 days of you visit. We guarantee our work within this period and it makes addressing physiological changes much easier.

Q: What is your recommendation if I have yet to purchase a bike?
If you are seriously considering the purchase of a new bike – be it custom or stock – there are a few important points you should know before you buy.  First and foremost, you need to understand your current physical makeup will affect both the comfort and performance level of a bike.  You physical makeup including overall height, ratio of torso length to leg length, shoulder width, flexibility and any previous injuries should all be considered when finding the bike that fits best to you. Not all bikes fit the same and sizing specs are brand specific.

At Endeavor Performance, we offer an objective and unbiased opinion on what brand and corresponding size will fit you best.  We can conduct an initial assessment to determine your physical makeup and help you put words to the type of riding you wish to do.  With a database of bike sizing data, we take your anthropormorphic sizing information to determine the brand and corresponding size that fits you best.

At Endeavor Performance we have our BestFit™ and BestSize™ services to allow you to make the most informed purchasing decision.

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