What happens during an Endeavor Performance Bike Fit

We define a fantastic bike fit to be an experience that will place the bike in a position that will offer you the most comfort and best performance it can offer. We believe a fantastic bike fit can be obtained by using the latest technology, our knowledge of physiology and biomechanics as it pertains to the bike, our professional and experienced intuition, and asking for your input. We make the fit process to be very intricate and detailed and we believe it matters. You can expect the following to happen during our BestFit™ bike fit.

  • A pre-fit assessment will be sent to you to complete prior to our appointment. The assessment includes your injury/pain history, ride history, your current goals and your concerns and questions for the bike fit.
  • A pre-change digital measurement of your bike will be made. Using the Retül Zin handheld digitizer, a complete digital map of you bike “as is” will be constructed.
  • A physical pre-fit assessment will be conducted. This assessment includes identifying and examining any physical ideosyncracies including leg length discrepancy, flexibility, core strength/weakness and ankle/foot examination. At this time the beginning of our discussion about performance, pain, or any other issues you hope to alleviate during the bike fit will be discussed.
  • You will be allowed to warm up! We will not fit the bike to you with you cold. As your body warms, your biomechanics change. The time also allows us to continue any discussion and allow me to see you ride.
  • You will be prepped for video and 3D motion capture. We use video motion software as well as Retül 3D motion capture software.  LED markers are strategically placed on eight anatomical points: the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel, and toe.
  • Video and 3D motion capture will be acquiesced by way of cameras. Prior to any changes, a “current setup” capture will be made of you. You will be asked to ride for at least 45 seconds. Data will be gathered in real-time.
  • Data from both sides will be captured. Using a rotating platform each side will be analyzed without you getting off the bike.
  • With a thorough analysis and explanation of results, suggested changes to the bike will be made and/or your pedaling mechanics critiqued.
  • New data and video captures will be made. These “after changes” captures will be examined provoking any additional changes. Any change will warrant new data captures.
  • The final fit will be when we both agree your bike is adjusted to best fit you.
  • A new digital measurement of the bike will be made. The setup will reflect the new changes.
  • All fit information is saved and stored in a database. These records are available to be accessed for comparison and tracking of historical fit data.
  • The data includes your physical assessment profile, before and after measurements from the fit and before and after bike measurements.
  • A fit report can be sent upon request.

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