Want to kick off the first weekend of 2015 with some training?  There’s a high chance for rain Saturday so we thought we offer a few opportunities to do just that.  In addition to the regularly scheduled 1.5-hour session at 8am in Midtown, we’re offering a 2.5-hour session at each studio.  The 2.5 hours will be ridden at your own pace in a group environment.  You’ll be riding a virtual course with the trainer adjusting resistance based on the road grade and your desired intensity.  It’s the next closest form of training to riding outside – riding your own bike on a computer-controlled trainer.

Each session will be broken into two parts with a small break in between.  The first part is ridden on a virtual course at your own pace.  The second part is a workout based on your functional threshold power and will be lead by the class instructor.  Endeavor Performance’s 2.5-hour session is comparable to riding 3 to 3.5 hours outside so your time will be efficiently spent.

Sessions times are as follows:

Saturday – 8 to 9:30a   Regularly scheduled 1.5-hour session – Nashville-Midtown only (spots still available)
Saturday – 10:30a to 1p – Nashville-Midtown
Saturday – 9 to 11:30a – Franklin-Cool Springs

Cost is $35

Go to the training schedule page at endeavorperformance.com

Contact Todd Nordmeyer at 615.419.3593 or at thecoach@endeavorperformance.com if you
have any questions.