Happy New Year!

We have a lot of exciting training offerings planned for January to help you kickstart your training for the upcoming spring.  We have also added additional session times at both locations.

I’m confident that for anyone that trains at Endeavor Performance he/she will see improvement in their fitness and performance.  This early season training series is one of the most effective methods to kickstart your preparation for 2015. The key to training properly is to make the training appropriate, structured, focused and fun.  The sessions are structured with doses of properly constructed efforts and rest periods to ensure you receive the highest impact workout.  You are not just riding your bike… you are training like a professional athlete while being coached professionally.  You won’t get this format anywhere else in Nashville or in the Southeast for that matter.



If you or someone you know are new to the sport of cycling or new to the concept of indoor training at Endeavor Performance, we want to welcome you both to a free 60-minute session.  The session will introduce you to our training method, our software and our facilities.  The sessions will happen on Saturday, January 10th from 10:30 to 11:30am at both the Cool Springs and Midtown studios.  You can sign up using the link below

View the training schedule at endeavorperformance.com to link to the training schedule.



The series offers an opportunity to enhance your preparation for the upcoming season or to kickstart it.  The series offers appropriate training for all athletes.  For those of you who attended the Season Preparation I, SPII takes you to another step of fitness by offering more challenging efforts and drills.

In this preparatory cycle of four weeks, several key objectives are targeted:

* Stimulate an increase in lean body mass, a decrease in fat mass and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system.
* Increase short-term work capacity, which will reduce fatigue in the upcoming stages of training (i.e. increase endurance capacity).
* Stimulate an increase in capillarization, which allows for an increase in oxygen and nutrient delivery.
* Stimulate a decrease in submaximal heart rate and resting blood pressure.
* Stimulate hemoglobin concentration, red blood cell number blood volume.
* Lay a foundation for cycling specific neuromuscular coordination.

The training will encompass a variety of steady efforts at low to moderate intensities, alternating high cadence drills and strength work on the bike.

90-minute session cost: 1 for $25, 4 90-minute sessions for $80 or unlimited 90-minute sessions for $120.

If you have questions about whether this series is for you, please reach out to me.  My contact information is listed below

View the training schedule at endeavorperformance.com to link to the training schedule.



We are also holding *FREE* performance tests on Wed 14th, Fri 16th and Sat 17th.  Performance testing, or performance assessing, benefits cyclists at every level – and if you’ve never experienced Endeavor Performance’s coaching and training services, a performance test is a great introduction.

A performance test objectively and accurately measures your fitness level, minimizing the external influences that affect your performance outdoors, such as weather conditions and road peculiarities. This indoor test, with the right equipment and expert feedback, provides a measure that can guide/adjust your training. And with subsequent testing, you can compare results and track your progress. Endeavor Performance utilizes lab-quality indoor trainers in performance testing, measuring your effort on a simulated 5-mile course ridden on your bike attached to an individually calibrated trainer.

Whether you’re relatively new to cycling or have years of experience, a performance text provides these benefits:
objectively tracks your fitness changes over a period of time; accurately determines your intensity parameters (e.g., heart rate, power, perceived exertion), providing more precise levels to train by; delivers accurate information to assess your current training regime and make better decisions for future training.

After testing, you’ll be emailed…

a summary report that includes average power, heart rate, speed, cadence, and pedaling efficiency (left vs. right leg); written feedback that outlines recommendations on bicycle fit, pacing, optimal cadence, and drills to perfect pedal technique; and a very hard and beneficial workout.

View the training schedule at endeavorperformance.com to link to the training schedule.

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